Road To The Riches

"The Entertainment Biz 101"

Road To The Riches is a “HOW TOInstructional Entertainment Audio Book, Produced and Directed by Rock Star Entertainment that gives you facts and important details regarding the Entertainment Business that can help you better BRAND yourself and succeed in this Billion Dollar Business.

What we did is gathered all of the most important data and condensed it into one Powerful Audio Study Guide to help you navigate the waters.

We have some of the most successful Recording Artists, Producers, Influencers, ModelsManagers & Executives giving you key information that you’ll need.

Download Road To The Riches now and learn all of the necessary tips you’ll need to succeed from some of the most respected minds in the Entertainment Business!


• Artist Development
• Art Direction
• Film & TV
• Audio Development
• Promotional Materials
• Music Video
• Dance Choreography
• Touring & Live Performances
• Marketing & Promotions
• Strategic Marketing
• Radio Promotions
• Street Promotions
• Club Promotions
• Go-Go Dancers
• Social Media Marketing
• Press Release
• Public Relations
• Media Kit
• Branding
• Brand Ambassador
• Models
• Your Professional Team
• The Money
• Endorsement Deals
• Understanding The Business